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Vintage Toys

Vintage Toys

Vintage toys have always been a passion of mine. My one of my fondest memories of my childhood was getting the Sears, Roebuck and Co. catalog around Christmas time and told to mark what special gifts I wanted from Santa! My sister and I would literally spend hours looking through the pages and pages of popular toys for that particular season. Some of my favorite "gifts" from Santa, whose elves must have worked the nightshift at Sears ;) were my Planet of Apes action figures, G.I. Joe, Sizzler Race Track, and of course other gifts like Stretch Armstrong and his evil nemesis Stretch Monster! I guess this is how my appreciation or retro and vintage toys was created. I'm a retro artist who specializes in creating "new" retro art in vintage style. You can check out my retro clip art website here

I'm sure there are a lot of other vintage toy enthusiasts out there! If so, you might be interested in my vintage toys web page where I offer tons of reproduction toys with that retro flair like:

Rock Em Sock Em RobotsRock Em Sock Em Robots [Click to Buy!]
A tried and true favorite for those of us kids who loved to beat things up and not get into trouble for it! If nothing else, Rock Em Sock Em Robots get my vote for most eye-catching game and packaging! You can get beat the primary colors of red, blue and yellow when it comes to toy store eye candy. the problem with the game is that sooner or later, especially if you're playing your sibling, a real fight entails and you end up getting a time out anyway! But, to me it was always well worth it! When you think about it, what toys these days can take the punishment this old veteran used to? They definitely don't make them like they used to. Another favorite of mine found under the christmas tree in the early 1970s was, you guessed it:

Creepy Crawlers Workshop [Click to Buy!] Creepy Crawlers Workshop
Another tried and true favorite guaranteed to make your sister creep out to the max! What vintage toy made you feel like it was Halloween every day? This gem gets my vote for creepiest toy ever! I remember spending hours and hours creating rubber centipedes, spiders and all sorts of creepie crawlies. I'm so glad that it's been re-released to a new generation and it's just a matter of time before this awesome game lands under my 5 year old's Christmas tree! I'm sure Mrs. Claus will not be thrilled and Santa will be spending the next several weeks sleeping on the couch, but it will be worth it to see the look on my kid's face when he opens the package! Next in line and another favorite toy of mine that is just asking for a beating:

Bozo Bop BagBozo Bop Bag [Click to Buy!]
What other toy allows children of all ages to agressively act out and releive all of their pent up tension without substaining a jail sentence? It's the perfect childhood gift, unless you're politically correct. What child (or adult for that matter) hasn't secretly dreamed about kicking the "you know what" out of a creepy clown?! I dream about it daily! In fact, after I'm done catching up here in my blog, I'm jumping over to Back To Basic toys and buying one! I seem to remember an entire line of these crazy toys including Batman, Popeye and Yogi the Bear. The only drawback with this gift was that it didn't come with a repair kit, because eventually hitting the clown with your fist became boring and it was just a matter of time before you were doing backflips off of the staircase onto Bozo's head. Yes, it was the perfect gift for the nine to eleven minutes that it lasted. Well, for all of you who are as addicted to vintage toys as I am, I have created a special webpage just for you! On your coffee break, come on over for a visit and check it out!

Vintage Toys

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